Electronic Code Lock

An Electronic Code lock with easy readable press button digits can be used on all Australian Parcel boxes.



1. Corporate Building Option: 
(for Australian Deliveries in a Communal area)

Jo-eBox's can be nested together and stacked on top of each other to create a "parcel delivery area" for residential or corporate buildings. This enables many different tenants to share a few parcel lockers. 
An Jo-eBox can be programmed to change SPR code on every delivery to suit many tenants in a building. After a tenant has collected his parcel his SPR code immediately expires, this enables the next delivery person to use this parcel box with a new SPR code for another tenant.

2. Scanner-Unlock Option: (Courteousy of www.netlock.co  Patent 2014100457 (currently not available in Australia) 

When they become aware of the benefits, more and more people and parcel delivery companies could adopt this scanner lock option. 
(unfortunately until most delivery companies do participate, we cannot get this service in Australia).
To participate the delivery man must use the "Netlock" scanner app which can be downloaded by companies at no cost from the "Netlock' members site.
Android users can download the "Netlock Company" scanner app on google play for companies or the "netlock Guest" app for private android scanners. It is a free service and Customers have no ongoing charges.      


 If a box owner wants to use a local or private delivery person, who is not a member of www.netlock.co, they can enable a guest on their portal on this website. An Android app is available for smart mobile phones and scanners.     Simply search for “Netlock Guest” on Google play and download to the mobile.                                   


Although the technology has been supplied and Netlock has assured us they are making every effort to get all couriers and delivery companies to participate in the system it may take some time to get them to participate.

These instructions should be followed by Electronic Code Lock customers when setting up their locks.

2X AAA 1.5v cells. (if your lock is supplied with batteries it is recommended to replace the batteries soon at your convenience because the batteries supplied may not be as fresh as we would like due to unknown storage and supply)

The master code has been preset as 11335577. You should immediately change the code to a new 8 digit master code of your choice.
Change the master code

First open the lock so you can access the # key

(Note: After every numeric key pressed the blue light should flash once.) 

#  Master code  01  New Master Code  New Master Code. 

example:   #  11335577  01  12345678  12345678

Blue light should flash twice

New Master Code is now 12345678

Address- unlock option
This option allows a master code, a sub master code, and a user code.

example:   #  11335577  04  12345678  12345678
New Sub-Master Code is now 12345678

The user code has been preset as 2244 You should change the code to a new 4 digit user code of your choice.
Example  #11335577  02 6688  6688

Blue light should flash twice

Penalty Time.

Entering three incorrect codes will cause the lock to shut down for ten seconds

Battery power.

The Oz-eBox lock should provide well in excess  of 15,000 openings of 4 seconds each from 2 X AAA 1.5v cells.

Low battery

When the battery power is low the  red LED will flash three times, before the blue LED lights, accept the code. Fit new batteries as soon as this happens, the lock will operate for 100 times with low battery.

Only remove the top screw and rotate the lock so that you can access the batteries without taking the lock off.
                                                                  Battery Failure override.    

The Oz-eBox lock has been designed so an external PP3 Battery can be placed against the contact points     surrounding the Blue and Red LEDs so the lock can be opened to replace the batteries should they fail.  See above red  = + terminal.

·          place the contacts points of the PP3 battery against the contact points surrounding the blue and red LEDs

·          The positive + PP3 terminal against the red LED contact point and the negative - PP3 terminal against the Blue led.

·          Enter the user code.

·          The motor will withdraw the locking pin allowing the lock to be opened.

·          Fit new batteries by removing the upper fixing bolts and swinging the lock down over the edge of the door.

·          Refit the lock.

Lost Code Procedure

·          Don't remove the lock completely just the top screw and swing the lock over the edge of the door.

·          Remove one battery.

·          Press and hold the 1 button while replacing the battery.

·          The blue LED will flash twice.

·          Release the 1 button and press it 3 times within 3 seconds.

·          The blue LED will flash twice and the lock will revert to factory settings 2244 and master code 11335577

·          All other settings will be erased.

        Other  Important Lock information below

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Electronic Code Lock

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