Render Paint the Box

If a Render Paint finish is to be applied, do not fit the lock.

Cover the “Stainless steel Louvre Flap” with a plastic packet and sticky tape or masking tape along the bottom edge, and after painting clean any accidental overpaint off as soon as possible with a damp cloth.

Painting Render

To get a good finish use a sandable exterior filler or body filler to fill the joins on the box before painting. (Examples available Super Cheap or Bunnings)


Using a roller Apply a Light coat of Render Paint. Follow after approximately 4 hours with a second coat.  It is only necessary to paint the exterior of the box where it is seen and possibly the edges of the door.

Do not paint inside the box.

After second coat is Dry (approx. 4 hours for Render) it is safe to fit the Lock.