Parcel Lockers

Australia Post Delivery to Parcel Boxes

Common sense has prevailed with Australia Post (including Star Track) changing their terms and conditions to allow “Safe Drop” as an option for your delivery.

With a simple check option “Use Safe Drop for this Delivery” you can now request the parcel is delivered into your secure parcel box.

If a Signature is not Required

When we don't need a signature for delivery, we'll try to find a suitable place to leave your parcel (The Australia Parcel Box Range is a perfect safe location for parcel drop). If we can't, it'll be taken to a nearby Post Office for collection.

Either way, you'll get a notification telling you where your parcel is.

If a Signature is Required

You can use your ‘MyPost’ account to request a Safe Drop for some parcels, waiving the requirement for signature on delivery. You can even select a location for your parcel to be left.

And if you change your mind, you can cancel Safe Drop up until 1 hour before delivery.

So, to take advantage of this change make sure you:

1.  Have a secure drop location. The Australia Parcel Box Range is a prefectly safe location for parcel drop, both the Oz-eBox and Jo-eBox can fit up to 3 boxes of Wine through the coded door. The Jo-eBox adds a (400h x 450w) stainless steel front Louvre for quick delivery.

2.  Set up a MYPost account at Australia Post and specify safe drop.

3.  When you order items on line, address them to "Secure Parcel Box" before your street address (Include the access code if Large Parcels are to be delivered through the coded door). In the comments field, make it clear you want the sender to address to safe drop in your parcel mailbox.

 A large Post Box at home                                                                                                       Australia Post Parcel Lockers