Installing the Box


·       If the box is to be mounted on a concrete base ensure the base is level.

·       If not supplied the best bolts to use would be 10mm diameter and approx 100mm long. (Bolts which are supplied require a 10mm hole)

·       Do not over tighten the bolts as it could result in distorting the box and the doors will not close properly alternatively a washer can be used to raise one corner if the door is not closing properly.

·       If the box is being installed through a wall,

Right angled metal strips can be used to hide any gaps between the box and the brickwork. A flexible sealer can be used between the box and the wall.

·       If the box is installed skew or twisted the doors will not close properly.

·       The locking mechanism has been known to jam if the box is not standing level and straight or if the rods and cam are bent or obstructed for any reason. Also clean out any gravel or dirt inside the “lock rod holes” after installation.

·       The Lock code is factory set to "000".
Change the code

First set the lock to the open code.
Push and “hold” the reset pin (located on the right hand side of the cam lock) with the tool supplied or a sharp object.

Select the code of your choice. Now let the reset pin go.  

Keep this code safely stored.

·       It is a good idea to change your address with all delivery suppliers like ebay and any company who regularly delivers to you to make it easy for them to open the box.  For example (Parcel Box Lock code = 123)
           Mr John Citizen
              Parcel box lock code  123
               270 Smith Street                      
               Vic  3000

Thank you for your patronage and we hope you have many years of successful parcel/post.   
Australian Parcel Box Team.  
07 3206 2053 .