Fitting the mechanical Locks

Remove the barrel and insert and fix it to the outside of the door with the lock nut. Notice the notch at the top.

Insert the lock into the barrel. Notice the no1 at the top, the 0 in the middle, and the 9 at the bottom.

Notice the special lock washer must be fitted in the same orientation on the square stem protrusion as seen Fig 4 above.

Fit the rod and locking cam on the square stem using the special security screw *** supplied.  (Hold the Lock in the barrel while doing this so the lock washer does not slip off the square stem.) Notice also the position of the cam when fitting onto the square stem.

*** You will need a Post Torx driver 127H for M6 x 16

Discard the locking cam and star bolt if they came attached to the lock. (they are not required).


To set your personal code first set the code to open (factory set 000).

        Now depress the pin found on the right hand side of the lock using a sharp                                  instrument. While the pin is depressed change the code to your prefered code.

        Now release the pin. The code will be the new code you chose.



Typical Problems and Easy Solutions on locking rods.

If the rods do not find the slot openings as they should. (Normally the upper rod)

1.  First make sure the rods are fitted on the under side of the cam and not the top.

See below this is how the rods should be attached on the underside.


2.  Next if the bracket circled below is bent it may help to straighten it.


3.  Finally if necessary turn the lock to the open position and using a pair of pliers or multi-grips bend the top of the rod into the correct position.

4.  The rods may also not find the outer hole in the frame because the door is too far in.  It may help to bend the frame a little at the top or bottom to push the door out a little. See the picture below.